This raw footage of a car blocked and swarmed by ANTIFA anarchists in Portland is wild.

A crowd was gathered around the car, blocking them from leaving.

That has to be terrifying to be boxed in like that. We’ve all seen the videos where these violent lunatics yank people out of the car and beat them senseless.

You can’t tell me those people weren’t thinking something like that could happen to them.

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As the mob is moving in on the car, someone in the crowd – who sounds like they may have a bullhorn – is urging protesters to get away from the car and let them leave.

Finally, after much coaxing from the person with the bullhorn, the people begin to disperse and the car begins to pull away…and this is where it gets wild…

As the car pulls away, it appears that someone from the car opened the window and shot several rounds (assuming) at or “to” the crowd.

You can watch the video below:

These communists think that everyone should just sit there, like dutiful hostages, listening to their screaming and yelling with no options to leave.

This is a very “child-like” mentality and not very serious people.

Kids who are emotionally underdeveloped behave this way, not normal, functioning adults.

Nobody on this planet should be forced to listen to these goons from inside their car, or from their house. They are a menace to society and you can’t blame anyone for being scared or fed up.



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