Seattle’s anti-trump sports radio host Paul Gallant was eager to mock President Trump back in June when Trump took to Twitter to condemn the violence in the city and the uprising of the CHAZ/CHOP communist hell-hole downtown.

Gallant hosts a morning sports talk show in Seattle called “Danny & Gallant.”

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Gallant responded to Trump’s tweet, where he called out Mayor Jenny, claiming she and other liberals “don’t have a clue” when it comes to Antifa violence or taking over 6 or so city blocks, by being a snarky, condescending jerk.

He told Trump that he had walked down to the area and he didn’t notice anything wrong. He ended his tweet by telling the President, “Chill dawg.”

Here’s a screenshot of those tweets:

Paul Gallant Tweet (1)

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Now, let’s fast-forward about a month and see how ol’ Paul is holding up in Seattle, shall we?

Well, it turns out Trump was right yet again…Paul is so scared as a matter of fact, that he (and his cat) are getting “the f*ck out” of the city, according to his latest tweets.

Gallant tweeted out two tweets, where he described the violence and mayhem that was happening in his neighborhood. Gallant described fires that were “freaking him out,” and he said that he had “no clue” what was going on.

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In his next tweet, he says that he has to buy a firearm because “clearly this will keep happening.” He then goes on to say, “enough is enough” and states how angry he is.

Here’s a copy of those tweets:

Paul Galant tweet (2)

Paul is even tweeting out videos of his burned out and destroyed neighborhood. I guess Trump was right, eh, Paul?

Well, well, well, looks like Paul got a big fat dose of reality, huh?

I’d like to feel sorry for Paul, but I don’t…He was warned, repeatedly, and he mocked those warnings…so now, this is all I have to say to Paul:




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