I don’t have a heck of a lot of context to go with this video except to say that the person who posted it said the incident occurred in Ohio.

When I saw it, it just reminded me of what people are going through right now with all of these protesters who are literally attacking people’s cars. And in some cases, yanking them out and beating them or in one case in Utah, shooting the driver.

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It’s amazing to me that anyone would think it’s a good idea to attack a car. Yet, here we are – liberals are literally declaring “war” on American drivers. Honestly, what are you thinking by attacking a person’s vehicle? You’re going to provoke someone who is behind the wheel of a 3 thousand pound MOVING weapon?

If you’re that stupid, you probably deserve what you get.

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Now, this guy in the video doesn’t just attack the car once…


He attacks it TWICE…and get’s hit by the car twice as a result.

The second time, however, he’s down for the count.

You can watch the video below:


What do you think about this? Should the driver be charged or is the driver in the right because they’re legitimately afraid of being attacked or injured by violent people outside of the car?

I think this is getting to the point with liberals attacking people in cars, that drivers are going to need some kind of legal protection, so if they do drive away feeling threatened and injure someone in the process, their entire life won’t be destroyed.


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