Failed former President Barack Hussien Obama is a desperate man right now.

He knows if Dementia Joe doesn’t get into the WH his goose is cooked.

So, Obama will use and abuse any platform he can get his mitts on to try and stump for a man that is 2 sneezes away from full-blown Alzheimer’s.

That’s exactly what he did during John Lewis’s funeral.

Obama turned the event into a desperate political sideshow.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Obama Turns John Lewis’s Funeral Into a DNC Convention

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What I don’t get is why are they so worried? According to the polls that they keep touting, Joe has it in the bag, right? He’s cruisin’ to victory, Trump doesn’t stand a chance, so shouldn’t they be relaxed and enjoying the ride, not sweating bullets and delivering dark campaign speeches at funerals?

And that’s precisely what Tucker calls Obama out for…a desperate man trying to cling to the last thread of his political power by ignoring his dead friend and giving a divisive stump speech in a church.

You can watch the video below:

Don’t be fooled folks, the political progressive elite are scrambling. They have a dud candidate – 1000X worse than Hillary ever was, and if they don’t win this election they are finished as a political party for decades to come and many of the top brass will be dragged through the mud and possibly face prison time for illegally spying on President Trump.

So, there’s a lot at stake for Dems, and that’s why right now we’re all dealing with plagues and riots, and whatever else these maniacs plan to throw at us before the election.


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