I keep saying that people are waking up, and they are…they really, truly are.

Take this gentleman for example…He’s WIDE AWAKE and is really making some solid and very powerful points.

He’s a black American who is supporting President Trump and he wants to know why Obama – who was elected twice by white and black Americans – had 8-years to fix all the things black folks are still complaining about today but did nothing.

Shouldn’t these folks be really mad at Obama and for that matter Biden, who obviously abandoned them when they had the power and the chance to help and change all of these things that are making them so furious today?

What gives?

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It’s the most logical argument, isn’t it?

Yet, nobody is talking about it enough.

But thankfully these patriotic Americans are standing up and speaking out – and more people will follow…because truth is a powerful and magnetic force.

You can watch the video below:

Biden now claims he wants to “fix and transform” America – he was in the White House for 8-years with the nation’s first black president…yet nothing was done to help black folks…why? Well, Obama and his cronies were focused on illegal aliens.

The Dems only start pandering to blacks around election time. The rest of the years they ignore them and dole out freebies and goodies to folks who came here illegally.

So, based on his past history, why would Biden, who’s now riddled with dementia, be able to do anything now for black Americans?


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