Jerry Nadler and the Dems realize that their “violent mob plan” has backfired and the American people are angry as they watch these lefty communists burn cities, attack police, shoot at American citizens, and destroy cities and businesses.

Originally, Dems thought the chaos and angst would look like a grassroots uprising of American patriots demanding justice.

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What actually happened is that it turned into a massive communist insurrection that the Dems are completely unable to control, so now, they’re new plan is to pretend it’s not real…all this violence isn’t “real,” it’s just staged by Trump to help his election.

The media is still calling them “peaceful protests” and refuse to air the violence – they’re always running cover for the Democrats.

So, when Jim Jordon found a clever way to trick the lying fake news media into airing the truth during a hearing with Willam Barr, Nadler was spitting mad.

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You can watch the video below:

Nadler didn’t know what hit him. He was livid that nobody gave him “48 hours” notice that the video would be played.

The only rebuttal he could come up with was that Trump wants violent “images” to help him get reelected.

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Here’s what he said: “Nadler just said that the reason the DOJ is sending federal officers to quell the riots in Portland is that Trump told Barr to give him images that will help his re-election….”

Barr stood up for the hard-working men and women in DHS who are battling these communist thugs. He scolded Dems for calling the feds “stormtroopers.”

You can watch the video below:

The left is making yet another catastrophic mistake here.

Not only are they going against the side of “law and order,” but if they think the American people are going to believe that Trump is “staging” these riots to help his reelection chances, they’re out of their damn minds.

Clearly, TDS has eaten away the “common sense” portion of their brains.


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