A conservative pundit who goes by “Fleccas” ran into Rep. Jerry Nadler in Washington D.C., and he had a question for him.

Fleccas asked Nadler if he’d disavow all of the violence from the left-wing rioters, namely Antifa.

Nadler not only wouldn’t disavow the violence, but he said it’s not real.

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Yes, that’s right, all of the hundreds of violent videos you watch every week, showing rioting, explosives, fires, shootings, and beatings are just a figment of President Trump’s imagination.

Nadler said basically those exact words…he said that Antifa violence is a “myth” that is only talked about in Washington, D.C.

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You can watch the video below:

The left thinks the American public is stupid enough to believe that President Trump is just “making up” all of this violence and it’s not really left-wing communists who are unleashing holy hell on America.

I mean, it’s almost unreal that Nadler would even try to pull a stunt like this — so, you have to wonder, is Nader just clueless? Just so old and senile that he doesn’t know what’s happening and he hasn’t even bothered to look online and watch the videos?

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Or has he seen them all and now he’s just running a really bad propaganda scam?

Either way, Democrats are either evil and cunning, or clueless and stupid…or hey, maybe they’re both.


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