Yikes, Meghan McCain really ripped into Mary Trump – the niece of Donald Trump, who wrote a pointless and all-too-predictable “tell-all” book about her Uncle.

Mary looks and sounds like your basic, every day #Resist cat lady,  to be honest.

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And Meghan McCain, who as you know is no fan of President Trump, had her number right away and came into the interview guns blazing and basically painted Mary as a gold-digging grifter who is using her Uncle’s name and position to make a buck and a name for herself.

From Bizpacreview

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain suggested to Mary Trump’s face Thursday that she’s a gold-digging grifter who’s trashing her uncle, President Donald Trump, solely for the money. While she didn’t explicitly use the words “gold-digging grifter,” her words carried that meaning.

“I think I made it clear to your publishers I don’t like books like this. I don’t like family tell-all books, especially when it comes to families with fame and power. Because they’re told from the one side, and often the subjects are villainized to the point that I don’t actually end up believing the stuff written,” she said.

“There have been books about my family which are complete and total garbage told from a skewed perspective, and at the end of the day you get a really good paycheck out of it, but I don’t think it’s that legitimate. What do you say to people like me who think this is just a great way for you to get a paycheck right now?”


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You can watch the video below (Meghan’s comments come at the 4;36 mark):

Overall the reviews online were that this was not a good interview for Mary and she did not hold up well.

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