I don’t know what this lady’s politics were – and in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter – except to say that this naive “everybody is a good soul” mentality that many liberals cling to is a recipe for disaster.

This Arkansas woman named Martha McKay is a prime example of that attitude. She’s remembered as a woman with a good heart, who only saw the best in people. She was a “Buddhist,” and as a result, she felt compelled to not only forgive her mother’s killer but also befriended him upon his release.

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This turned out to be a foolish and fateful decision. After she invited the killer, Travis Lewis, to come work for her at her sprawling bed and breakfast, he stole $10K from her and then stabbed her to death.

From People Magazine

McKay’s family and friends were devastated when she was killed on March 25, 2020, at Snowden House, the historic antebellum-style home on Horseshoe Lake, Arkansas, she bought from her family in 2004, restored and reopened as a luxury bed-and-breakfast.

McKay, 63, was found stabbed and bludgeoned to death at the top of the stairs, near a bag filled with her belongings, as well as a utility knife.

Authorities were shocked when they pulled the body of her killer out of the lake (he’d jumped in and drowned during a police chase): it was Travis Lewis, who’d been convicted at 17 for the horrific 1996 murders of her mother, Sally Snowden McKay, 75, and her cousin, Joseph “Lee” Baker, 52, a prominent Memphis blues guitarist.


Family friend Frank Byrd, who’d driven McKay to the state penitentiary to see Lewis, told her he didn’t think it was a good idea, but “she didn’t answer me,” he says.
Her family also warned her to be careful. “We had said, ‘Just stay away from him. It’s a bad juju type of thing.’ But she wouldn’t do it,” says Hutton.
A longtime Buddhist, McKay wrote Lewis letters in prison and supported his early, paroled release.

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According to the story, Travis Lewis was nosing around in the house and discovered her journal where she wrote that she sold a chandelier for $10k and stashed the money in the house.

Lewis went hunting for the money and stole it, McKay found out and fired him. He returned to the home and stabbed her to death.

This is why it’s always important to use common sense when dealing with real-life situations, not pie-in-the-sky wishes and wants.

This poor, naive woman might still be alive if she did.


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