This is what happens when you allow a communist like George Soros to pick your DA’s for you.

You wind up with anarchist DA’s who allow the bad guys to go unpunished and who harras, target, and imprison decent, law-abiding Americans.

That’s exactly what’s happening to the “armed St. Louis” couple who are being targeted by a Soros-backed DA in St. Louis, after the couple, scared for their home and their lives stood outside on their own property with guns, while an angry BLM mob threatened to kill them, their dog, and burn down their house.

Now, Mr. McCloskey told Tucker Carlson that he and his wife will be indicted.

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From The Blaze

Mark McCloskey, the St. Louis attorney who went viral last month for defending his property from an encroaching mob, revealed Monday that he and his wife, Patricia, may be “indicted shortly.”

“My attorney advised me not to be on the show tonight because the rumor is that we are going to be indicted shortly,” McCloskey told Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

As TheBlaze reported, local authorities executed a warrant against the McCloskeys last Friday during which police seized the firearms the couple was seen holding in viral photos and videos.

According to McCloskey, the police who served the warrant were “almost apologetic,” but had no control over the case, which is being directed by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, a Democrat.

“[The police], unfortunately, are stuck between a circuit attorney [Kim Gardner] that wants to prosecute us, and their own belief that we did absolutely nothing wrong,” McCloskey explained.

He added, “This is the same circuit attorney that released 35 of the protesters that torched and looted downtown St. Louis, but now she wants to indict me. I didn’t shoot anybody. I just held my ground, protected my house, and I’m sitting here on television tonight instead of dead or putting out the smoldering embers of my home.”

Later, McCloskey said the “only possible solution” to the outrage mob, in the midst of a cultural moment denouncing police, is “for individual citizens to stand up and defend themselves.”

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You can watch the video below:

The DOJ needs to get involved in this matter ASAP.

This is prosecutorial overreach and harassment based on political motivations if I’ve ever seen it.

We must fight back hard against all of these communist DA’s that Soros has strategically placed in liberal-run cities across America.

Thankfully, Tucker Carlson is keeping this story front and center.



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