Stage 5 Trump Derangement Syndrome has a lot of really awful side effects. However, one of the worst side effects is the belief that it’s better to “die” than admit Trump was right.

You saw a lot of these symptoms crop up during the height of the COVID panic when President Trump recommended the use of Hydroxychloroquine to treat the virus.

Dems and the media were quick to dismiss it, even attacking it as “dangerous” and advocating that people NOT take the drug – some Dem governors even banned the use of Hydroxychloroquine in their states, preferring people die rather than take a pill suggested by Trump. Well, turns out Trump was right, the medication does work.

MORE NEWS: Report: Trump is Sending 150 Federal Agents to Chicago and Mayor Lightfoot is Pissed 

But it’s not just life-saving medication that TDS liberals reject – they also reject Trump’s law enforcement help.

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As a matter of fact, they’ll reject law enforcement assistance even while a mass shooting is taking place in their city.

That’s precisely what happened to disgraced and failed Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Mayor Lightfoot published a tweet, where she vowed that President Trump’s “troops” would not be allowed to “terrorize” her city….and while she was saying this, a reported 15-17 people were being shot in a mass shooting.

From KOMO News

Fifteen people were injured, one person was being questioned and multiple suspects were being sought after gunfire erupted outside a funeral home on Chicago’s South Side where at least one squad car was present, police said.

First Deputy Superintendent Eric Carter said mourners outside a funeral home in the Gresham neighborhood were fired upon Tuesday from a passing vehicle. Carter said several targets of the shooting returned fire. The vehicle later crashed and the occupants fled in several directions. Carter said all the victims were adults.

The shooting comes as the Department of Homeland Security is planning to deploy dozens of federal agents to Chicago to deal with an uptick in violent crime in the city.

Most victims were taken by the Chicago Fire Department to nearby hospitals in serious condition, said spokesman Larry Langford. They include 10 women from the ages of 21 and 65, including one of whom was shot in the chest, police said. The 65-year-old was treated at the scene.

This is just another example of unhinged, unqualified, mentally sick Democrat leaders who would rather see their citizens shot and killed than accept much-needed help from President Trump.

Mayor Lightfoot is such an abysmal failure that she actually makes that inept fool Rahm Emanuel look “competent.”


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