This poor girl is going to get dragged all over TikTok by foam-at-the-mouth liberals, but I applaud her for having an open mind and being brave enough to speak out.

I know we’ve said “people are waking up” a lot lately…and they are, but honestly, I didn’t expect THIS much of an awakening.

I mean, there are some people that you just think are too far gone so you write them off as “un-saveable,” but this video here has definitely changed my mind.

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A young, green-haired girl, who is as anti-Trump and radical as you can get (she looks like a member of ANTIFA, to be honest), has been doing some research, and what she has discovered has opened her eyes.

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First off, she no longer trusts the lying media (YES!!!), and secondly, she says “Hillary was lying,” (double YES!!), and lastly, she believes that President Trump is actually working really hard to bring down these sex trafficking rings – like Epstein and company. YES, YES, YES!

You can watch the video below:


It’s great to see someone who is such a “typical liberal,” and someone you think would never “get it,” actually “get it.”

Let’s hope the left doesn’t shred her too hard and she can keep researching and stick to her guns.

Pray for her. She’s gonna need it.


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