When I say “George Floyd” I don’t mean what happened to Mr. Floyd, only the outrage and mass rioting that followed.

The viral video below is of the incident. It happened in Phoenix yesterday.

The tweet written by a “friend” of the family reads: My friend’s cousin was killed today while sleeping in his OWN driveway by Phoenix PD. He was unarmed and shot at close range. Please share so we can get him justice. #justiceforjames

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In the video, several officers are surrounding a parked car that’s being blocked by a large police vehicle. There’s a man in the parked car and eventually, police fire on the man inside the car.

You can watch the video below (Warning Graphic):

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However, the police are telling a much different story than what is conveyed in the tweet.

From Washington Examiner

According to the Phoenix Police Department, officers were responding to a call about a man who had previously been reported for aggravated assault returning to the scene with a knife. Four officers responded to the scene after they were directed by the caller to the address where Garcia was seated in his vehicle. When the officers told Garcia to exit the vehicle, he refused and brandished a gun.

The man refused to drop the gun and began to raise it toward the officers. As he moved the gun toward the police, one officer bashed in the passenger seat window to distract Garcia while two other officers fired into the vehicle, the department said.

Phoenix Police Department spokeswoman Sgt. Mercedes Fortune told the Arizona Republic that Garcia was not asleep in his vehicle, as some protesters have claimed.

“The suspect was not asleep in the vehicle. He armed himself, which is what lead to the officer-involved shooting,” she said.

Here’s bodycam footage:

The police are saying the man was getting ready to fire on them, so they eliminated the threat.

And as with all issues like this, it is being investigated internally by the police dept.

However, social media is already going berzerk and people are getting really fired up, and as we all know with these incidents, sadly “facts” don’t always matter.

There’s already a hashtag #JusticeForJames.

You know the media will jump on this and go full-throttle “race war” with it and the Dems will politicize it…they believe this chaos will help them in 2020.


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