Progressives love to tell everyone how they represent “freedom” and “tolerance.”


It’s funny because they are literally the most tyrannical free-speech assassins on the planet.

You’re not allowed to think or speak in any way that is not progressive-approved. And if you dare to break the rules, the rabid mob will be “activated” and they’ll tear you apart limb from limb until all that’s left is a pile of bones.

That’ll teach you.

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That’s quite an organic “grassroots” movement, right? Most of the people involved are just too scared to leave.

So, anyone who refuses to toe the liberal line and stands up (literally, in this case) for what they believe in, is a real hero in these dark and divisive days. It takes a lot of courage to face down the mob.

And that’s exactly what one Orlando Magic Basketball player did during tonight’s NBA game.

Not only did Jonathan Isaac refuses to wear a “Black Lives Matter” shirt, but he also refused to “take a knee” during the national anthem, and trust me when I say, he’s currently paying the price.

Trust me, the mob has been activated against this poor guy, and they’re tearing him limb from limb.

You can watch the video below:

It’s a sad day in America where it’s now considered “brave” and “courageous” to stand and respect your country, and your flag.

Look at what the liberals have done to America without “power.” Imagine how bad it would be if they got into the White House…


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