There are two things happening at once with traitor John Bolton.

The first and most important thing to Mr. Bolton is that he sells his stupid book. So, like a carnival barker on crack, Bolton is out there trying to whip up excitement in order to cash in and make some serious moola. Let’s be honest, Bolton is a soulless warmongering neocon, so he’s likely to do or say anything to make that happen.

The second thing happening with traitor Bolton is that he’s part of the Deep State cabal trying (yet again) to take down President Trump – and as usual, he’s likely to do or say anything to make that happen.

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Even lie…and that’s precisely what’s happened. Bolton got busted lying about the “Russia/Bounty” story.

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Here’s the background on that so-called “scandal”:

The story goes that John Bolton briefed President Trump that Russians were paying “bounties” for U.S. troop deaths, but Trump didn’t take any action against Russia.

This feeds the Russia conspiracy kooks theory that Trump is actually working for Putin, bla bla bla.

And for the record, there isn’t any evidence that any of this happened – but you can bet that they’ll still try and impeach Trump for it.

Anyway, back to Bolton’s lies…

The Pentagon came out and said they have no evidence that Russian operatives paid for bounties of US troops in Afghanistan.

Here’s where the Bolton lie happens:

From Red State: 

Bolton decided to join in over the weekend, taking to the Sunday shows to proclaim how awful Trump is. But aside from that, he also indicated that he was also unaware of this supposed intelligence and that he did not know if the President had been briefed on the matter.

Then, news broke this morning that Bolton claimed he not only knew of the intelligence but that he had briefed the President himself on it in 2019. That was via the Associated Press.

Regardless of which claim is true, Bolton ends up being a liar. Either he briefed the President and is lying about it now because he doesn’t want to be accused of being callous about the lives of U.S. troops, or he’s telling the truth now and was lying then when he told others he briefed the President.

Current evidence (or lack there of) suggests Trump was never made aware of this. That comes from multiple sources via major networks. The NSC has yet to find any PDB with this information in it while other intel sources confirm it was unsubstantiated, low-level intelligence. Bolton himself is now refusing to comment.

Of course, any time you see leaks like this, you have to ask why they happened. The answer is obvious. Democrats and neoconservatives want to paint Trump into a corner whereby he can’t leave Afghanistan without looking like he’s capitulating to Russia. Because 20 years isn’t enough time fighting that war or something.

The Deep State is absolutely desperate to stay in. Afghanistan and they will do anything within their power to do so.

Keep an eye out for a lot more of these “leaks” to come out. They’re in peak desperation mode right now.


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