I don’t what Joe Biden was thinking when he decided to go after the reigning King of Cable News, Tucker Carlson.

Is he low on his meds? Did he wake up groggy from a nap? Has he been in his basement so long he doesn’t know that Tucker literally owns the airwaves now?

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Whatever the case may be, this could be the biggest blunder of his entire campaign…and I’m not being facetious…I really mean it.

It all started when Tucker took on Dem Rep. Tammy Duckworth, who attacked President Trump, our founding fathers, and the entire country when she went off on Trump’s amazing patriotic speech at Mt. Rushmore and said she was willing to “listen to radicals who want to cancel our founding fathers.”

Duckworth is an Iraq war vet who lost both of her legs when her helicopter went down.

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But that does not give her some carte blanche right to attack America, our way of life, our history, and everything this country was founded on simply because a few people with blue hair and nipple rings want to erase our culture and replace it with “new-wave communism.” If anything, the fact that she did serve and sacrificed and still would entertain this traitorous way of thinking, is even more disgusting.

Tucker said she hates America.

And he’s right. If she’s aligning with communist radicals who want to “tear down our systems” and destroy our history, then yes, she hates America, regardless of her past military career. I’m sorry, but you can’t have it both ways.

Now, Biden and his camp think it’s a wise idea to take on Tucker. They couldn’t be more wrong, but they don’t realize that. They think the loud screeching from the mob is representative of how average Americans feel, and they couldn’t be more off the mark if they tried.

But their gonna try and ride this wave, and I have a feeling they’ll be crashing on the beach in very short order.

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Here’s what they’ve said:

Biden campaign Spokesman T.J. Ducklo said this about Tucker:

“Tucker Carlson and his colleagues who traffic in hate speech masquerading as journalism are accomplices to Donald Trump’s perverse mission to use division and bitterness to tear this country apart,” said Biden campaign spokesman T.J. Ducklo. “It is the polar opposite of what Joe Biden stands for, and exactly what he means when he talks about a battle for the soul of America.”

Then, during a virtual fundraiser, Joe Biden called Carlson’s criticisms “sickening” and dragged a dusty old Putin Puppet Pun out of the closest:

“While in fact (Trump is) coddling Putin — Putin carries him around like a puppy in one of those little puppy cages. While that’s going on he attacks, he attacks the senator from Illinois who is a literal hero, combat veteran, lost both legs fighting for her country, and he says she’s not a patriot. Folks we cannot let this stand.

So, there it is. The Biden camp has fired their shots, now let’s see what Tucker has to say…I am sure it will bee GOOD.

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From Red State

I don’t think Biden nor his campaign staffers realize that in launching these attacks on Carlson that they are giving him a gift he will run with at a time when he’s setting viewership ratings records on his primetime Fox News program “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Carlson is quite literally the most watched cable news network anchor in America right now for a reason. His message is clearly resonating with people who are feeling frustrated and hopeless over the rise of cancel culture and the lawlessness and chaos they are seeing taking place in their own backyards. The attacks on him by Biden and his campaign will not have the silencing effect they’re hoping for.

In fact, what Carlson is doing – and Trump is as well, considering his Mount Rushmore speech – is exactly what Ducklo claims Biden is doing: battling for the “soul of America.” Carlson and Trump both know that if Biden and down-ballot Democrats win in November, the battle becomes all the harder, the uphill climb even higher.

The strategy on the right from people like Carlson, Trump, and other Republicans appears to be that it’s better to lay all the cards out on the table now and see what happens in a few months at the ballot box rather than to hold back while Democrats and the media unleash hell.

It’s true that Tucker is soaring in popularity because people are fed up and he is speaking for every single one of us right now.

People like me and you, who are far too civilized to burn down cities to express our anger, and far too busy with work and family to leave our houses to go protest in the streets for days.

I guess we’re called the “silent majority.” Yes, we’re pissed off, and fed up and sick of all the BS, and we’re just waiting for election day to let everyone know how angry we really are.

Biden has just stepped on a massive “silent majority” landmine, and Tucker is going to have a lot of fun toying with him and batting him around.


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