The Dems are in a panic.

Everything that’s happening right now, from plague to riots to whatever is coming next is happening to help the Dems hold onto power, protect the Deep State, and gain the White House.

This is “code red” for Dems. They simply can’t lose this election – because if they do, it’s not just their political clout down that’s down the drain – many of their biggest power players could be facing prison time, thanks to #SpyGate and Durham’s probe.

And that brings us to the Dems latest push…The impeachment AG William Barr. If you’re a regular reader at Wayne you know that we called this a while back.

We knew the Dems would impeach Barr.

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Impeaching Barr was the next logical political move the Dems would make. They really don’t have a choice right now -it’s do or die.

Even if they know they’ll fail, it doesn’t matter, they just need to discredit him as he prepares to release the first layer of findings in Obama’s #Spygate scandal.

Rep Jim Jordan appeared on Fox News where he explained in great detail exactly why the Dems are trying to take down the AG who is about to drain the entire swamp.

You can watch the video below:

Never say, “It can’t get any worse than this…” because trust me, it can, and it very likely will get a helluva lot

There is NOTHING that the Dems won’t do to hold onto power…and I mean NOTHING.

Please, pray for President Trump’s protection.


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