You can’t go to church or have a funeral for a loved one that has more than 10 people.

But Rep. John Lewis can have a 2-week funeral with hundreds of political elites in attendance.

You can’t go to church and praise the Lord, but thousands and thousands can gather in the streets screaming and yelling for “Black Lives Matter.”

We can’t stand in line to”vote in person” for President of the United States of America, but we can go to packed grocery stores and stand in line with hordes of people to buy fish sticks.

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You see what’s happening right?

I  mean, it’s not exactly hard to figure out is it?

So, when Dr. Fauci appeared before the House today, Rep. Jim Jordan wanted some answers to these questions…and what Fauci said and didn’t say tells you all you need to know about what “side” Fauci is on.

You can watch the video below:

Yesterday, during Obama’s dark and divisive political speech at John Lewis’s funeral, he had the audacity to tell a room filled with people, that “rooms filled people” are unsafe and that’s why we need “mail-in” voting.

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Folks, our political elites are playing a really unfair game here and treating those of us who elected them into power like peasants who don’t have a say.

There needs to be a political revolution in this country where we the people take our power back, and that’s why this upcoming election is so important. If we don’t reelect President Trump we will lose any and all hope of regaining our power.


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