If you can’t manage to stay awake during your own hearing, you probably shouldn’t be in Congress.

But that’s Jerry Nadler – he’s either so sickly or so old that he can’t manage to stay awake during a hearing that he arranged.

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Maybe it’s for the best because when Nadler’s awake, he’s either a snarky coot or spreading fake news.

When you watch this, pay close attention to his hand…that’s the hand of a man in full REM sleep.

You can watch the video below:

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The William Barr hearing was an absolute clown show. Democrats made fools of themselves, hitting Barr with a barrage of “gotcha statements”, but never allowing him to respond.

Even so, Barr handled himself like an absolute pro and managed to help Dems look even more stupid.

Maybe that’s why Nadler decided to “check out” and go to sleep?



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