Actor and conservative powerhouse James Woods watched Hillary’s latest video and he’s got a theory…

He believes she’s running again.

This theory has been floating around for 4 years now – but seriously, a lot of big names have said the same thing, namely Steve Bannon, who said it’s not a question of “if” she runs, it’s “when” she announces it.

Here’s what James Woods said about the new Hillary video in a tweet: “New teeth, another facelift, Vodka afternoon glow… She’s running!”

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Ha ha! I love his observation – and he’s spot-on.

She does have a spiffy new pair of teeth, her skin has been sand-blasted and tightened and she’s got that “Grey Goose” glow about her.

You have to ask yourself…why would she be doing all of this?

For Bill?

Please 🤣  she hates that old rapist more than we do.

In the video below Hillary claims that country’s run by women did better handling “COVID” than the country’s run by men.

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Warning: she cackles a lot. 

You can watch the video below:

Let’s face it, Biden is a mess. They can’t even hide his “dementia” at this point.

How will it look if they remove him and bring in a “fresh-faced” Hillary who can definitely string a sentence together?n She will look like the second coming of Christ, after this bungling Alzheimer’s patient. Even the people who shunned her after 2016, would look at her as a welcomed relief. And this time Hillary, with the help of COVID and mass riots, would be able (in her mind) beat Trump and claim what is “rightfully hers.”

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It could happen…It will likely happen. This thing isn’t even close to being over.

Expect the unexpected, my friends.


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