By now we shouldn’t be shocked when we see stories like this, but they still make my stomach turn.

Bush staffers and so-called “Republicans” are joining forces with Democrats to “turn Texas blue.”

Yes, we now know beyond a shadow of any doubt that Bush and Obama and Clinton and most of the others that came before President Trump were all a bunch of globalists with the exact same agenda, but it’s still a kick in the nuts, right?

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It still makes me angry every time I see something like this – and I guess I am madder at myself for being duped for so long. I’ve been a Republican since I was in high school. I was a leader in the “Young Republicans” on my school campus, so this stuff here really irks me. How could I have been so blind?

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And it’s especially infuriating to see this crap when you look at all the damage Democrats are doing to this country.

From Hot Air 

Helping Joe Biden in his campaign are some former staffers of George W. Bush. After Bush’s refusal to vote for Trump as the Republican nominee in 2016, I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise that some of his former staffers are following his lead. This, I will tell you, is not playing well in Texas. Since the 2016 election, I have had many Republicans in Texas tell me that, essentially, the Bush family is dead to them. It’s not just because they voted for Trump, it is mostly because any Republican voter in Texas can tell you that every election with a Bush on the ticket brought out demands from the Bush family that Republicans have to be loyal. Loyal to the party and then the family very publicly did not do as they asked of others for many years. Jeb Bush was never going to be the party’s nominee in 2016 yet instead of accepting his defeat in the GOP primary, they were sore losers.

A Houston woman is among those organizing a group called “43 Alumni for Biden”. Imagine that – alleged Republicans helping a Democrat be elected as president. Joe Biden offers absolutely nothing to Republicans as far as policy and personal judgment goes, yet, here we are. “I don’t know if this is a one-time thing,” she said. “But I know if I vote for Joe Biden, especially in Texas, it could get Trump removed from office, which is the ultimate goal.” Her husband and other family members are reported to be Trump supporters. Apparently, “hundreds of former Bush administration officials “disappointed by the damage done to our nation by Donald Trump’s presidency,” are joining the group.

They don’t want to use Bush’s name? Oh spare me, he hates Trump and will be voting for Biden with a big smile painted on his warmonger-face.

I have no doubt that President Trump will win reelection, and when he does, my one hope is that these foolish #NeverTrump people will just cut the BS and officially join the left because there will never be a place for them in the America First movement, which is now the foundation of the Republican Party.

I hope those “Bush Republicans” enjoy all of their new abortion rights, gun control, windmills, and gender-neutral bathrooms.


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