Award-winning investigative reporter John Solomon has broken yet another bombshell story about General Michael Flynn.

And this one here is another damaging blow to the already disgraced and humiliated FBI…We can now see exactly when they planned on ending it – and we know when Flynn resigned, it was about a month after the FBI planned on ending their investigation. So that gives us the EXACT time-frame when they reversed course and decided to take Flynn down.

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Solomon reports that copies from the notes of former FBI agent Peter Strzok and former DOJ and FBI official Dana Boente were made public over the weekend.

According to the report, Boente wrote that the FBI had concluded Flynn “wasn’t an agent of Russia.”

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“Do not view as source of collusion,” were the actual words Boente wrote.

In addition, the notes also prove that the DOJ never thought they could prosecute Flynn under the Logan Act.

The notes read: “No reasonable pros to Logan Act.”

And in one last damning bit of karma, the notes also how that the FBI planned on closing down it’s Flynn investigation on  Jan. 4, 2017, but then suddenly reversed course.

Flynn would resign about one month later.

From Just The News

Months before Michael Flynn was charged with the lying to agents, the FBI told the Justice Department the Trump national security adviser was “very open and forthcoming” in his interview and believed he was telling the truth about his contacts with Russia, according to long withheld government notes that sharply contrast with the criminal case Robert Mueller eventually filed.

FBI agents told senior DOJ officials at a Jan. 25, 2017 meeting that Flynn was “telling truth as he believed it” and that he “believe[d] that what he said was true,” according to handwritten notes taken by then-Deputy Assistant Attorney General Tashina Gauhar that were belatedly turned over to Flynn’s defense this month.

The agents also believed Flynn was “being forthright” during his interview and simply didn’t remember some facts from his calls with the Russian ambassador during the post-2016 election transition, Gauhar wrote in the notes. A separate DOJ memo described Flynn as “very open and forthcoming” during the interview.

The question we all have right now is, who ordered the investigation to continue?

The FBI has a stupid excuse – claiming the reason they moved forward with the investigation was that Flynn’s phone call was “leaked” to the press.

Uh, okay…

So once again, I ask…who leaked the call to keep the investigation going?

I think it rhymes with “Flobama”

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