Thanks to conservative watchdog Judicial Watch we now know what Strozk, Page, and the whole Coup Gang was up to the night before Trump was inaugurated.

Judicial Watch sued, and via the “Freedom of Information Act,” they received a new batch of emails that show FBI officials were in very close contact on the eve of Trump’s inauguration.

The communication was between Andrew McCabe, Bill Priestap, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page

Too bad they’re so heavily redacted..but I guess the bigger point is that the “key players” were all in contact.

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Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch president summarized what the email chain was all about:

“These documents suggest that President Trump was targeted by the Comey FBI as soon as he stepped foot in the Oval Office,” Fitton said.

“And now we see how the Comey FBI was desperate to spin, through high-level leaks, its mishandling of the Clinton email investigation. And, in a continuing outrage, it should be noted that Wray’s FBI and Barr’s DOJ continue slow walk the release of thousands of Page-Strzok emails – which means the remaining 8,000 pages of records won’t be reviewed and released until 2021-2022!”

From Western Journal 

The email chain began on Jan. 19, 2017, with an email to Strzok by an assistant general counsel in the FBI’s National Security Law Branch.

“I’ll give Trisha/Baker a heads up too,” reads the unredacted piece of the message.

After two redacted emails, Strzok’s reply is shown.

“I briefed Bill this afternoon and he was trying without success to reach the DD [McCabe]. I will forward below to him as his [sic] changes the timeline. What’s your recommendation?” he wrote.

Amid more redactions, Priestap told Strzok, “Approved by tomorrow afternoon is the request. [Redacted] – please advise if I am missing something.”

After more redacted conversations, Strzok wrote, “Just talked with Bill. [Redacted]. Please relay above to WFO and [redacted] tonight, and keep me updated with plan for meet and results of same. Good luck.”Strzok sent the full exchange to Page, with whom later investigations would reveal he was having an affair, saying, “Bill spoke with Andy. [Redacted.] Here we go again …”

It is frustrating that we have all of this information – 8k pages of emails and text messages that won’t see the light of day for years.

Let me tell you, if the roles were reversed and the FBI had targeted a Democrat politician, these officials would have been tarred and feathered 17 times by now.

The right just doesn’t know how to fight to win against these communist monsters.


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