If you don’t know about the Wayfair “Child Sex Trafficking” conspiracy theory I will give you a quick cliff notes version…but, if you like, you can read all about it in more detail below.

MORE NEWS: Online Conspiracy Theorists Share their “Evidence” that Furniture Company “Wayfair” is a Secret “Child Sex Trafficking Ring” 

Here we go: Online sleuths believe that Wayfair is part of a child sex trafficking ring. They think that children are being sold under the guise of “furniture” or pillows or other random home accessory items on the website.

The reason why they think this is because there are a lot of “strange” items available for sale – like pillows and shower curtains for $10 thousand dollars, and some of these items are named after missing children. It is kinda weird.

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The conspiracy theory blew up so big, that Wayfair actually had to issue a statement on it…which didn’t really help matters – it actually made matters worse because they basically just said that the third-party companies selling in their site need to make it more clear why their prices are so high.


Uh, how can you justify $10 THOUSAND dollars for a shower curtain?

But the Wayfair conspiracy has taken an even crazier turn…

Now, it turns out embattled talk show host Ellen Degeneres has landed in the middle of this conspiracy theory thanks to a “partnership” she has with Wayfair.

From Fox News

The ED Ellen Degeneres collection with Wayfair launched in 2015 as a joint venture between the talk show host and the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, Christopher Burch, according to the Wayfair website. A social media user posted what appears to be a screengrab of the pillow allegedly posted on DeGeneres’ Wayfair collection page.

This prompted the online sleuths to dig around, and here’s what they claim they found:

“Hey Ellen, why do you have a $10,000 pillow on @Wayfair ?? Asking for some friends.”

And here’s what another Twitter user said:

““@TheEllenShow please explain why you’re selling pillows on Wayfair for over 10k with missing children’s names on them? Are you part of #wayfairtrafficking???” one user asked on social media.”

Sleuths are convinced that Ellen is under “house arrest” as we speak for her part in a child trafficking ring (different from Wayfair, apparently) and now this Wayfair conspiracy has added fuel to the fire:

“Looks like Ellen DeGeneres has some explaining to do. This #Wayfair revelation casts that ankle bracelet of hers in another light.”

One thing I can tell you for sure about Ellen is that her ratings are in the toilet…and it doesn’t have anything to do with Wayfair, but everything to do with her nasty and rude attitude.

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Many people are speculating that she is hanging on by a thread and will be canceled in the near future.

As for Ellen’s Wayfair products, the last thing she needs is another “scandal.” If I were Ellen I’d dump that partnership real fast.


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