Former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerick made a stunning and startling announcement on Twitter.

He said that his sources tell him that de Blasio now has 27 police officers assigned to “protecting” his “Black Lives Matter” street mural in front of Trump Tower.

Now, while they’re not all guarding it at once – that’s still 9 cops, 3X a day guarding this ridiculous de Blasio  “ego project.”

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Here’s what he said: “Just heard that @NYCMayor has 1 & 8 securing the #BlackMindsMatter mural at Trump Tower. That’s one sergeant and eight cops, x 3 tours a day! Violence, shootings, and murder is up in NYC and this clown has three sergeants and 24 cops guarding a mural! If true, #SICKENING”

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This is stunning, especially given the current soaring crime rate in New York City.

Violent crimes are up over 200 percent, and people are being shot, choked, and stabbed during broad daylight in the city.

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Meanwhile, de Blasio is boasting about how he currently has the lowest incarceration rate since WW2 and claims New Yorkers are “safer” as a result.

What an unbelievable idiot this guy is.

You can watch the video below:

At this point, I seriously can’t believe the people of New York City haven’t physically removed this inept communist clown from office.

He’s literally destroying the city for “sport,” right now and nobody is stopping him.


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