We hear so much about Hollywood pedophiles and people like Epstein, that we sometimes may forget that there’s an entire “dark web paedophilia” (and no, that’s not spelled wrong) internet out there that solely functions to provide child pornography to zillions of perverts all over the world.

You actually need special software (sometimes special equipment) to access these disgusting sites.

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And the main mastermind behind that sick and twisted “dark web” porn ring was just captured.

He is the most-wanted pedo in the world…so this is a BIG fish.

The capture happened in France.

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Authorities say the man is in his 40s and he was apprehended by officers in the city of Bordeaux on July 7.

Besides the pornography charges, the man was also charged with the rape of a minor as well as the sexual assault of a 15-year-old.

This guy is an absolute demon.

Bordeaux prosecutor Frederique Porterie said, “This internet user, identified as one of the 10 most-wanted targets… enabled thousands of Internet users across the world to have access to photographs or videos of a child pornography nature.”

From France 24

French prosecutors said Monday that police had arrested a man suspected of operating paedophilia sites on secret “darknet” internet networks providing pornographic videos and pictures to thousands of people worldwide.

The 40-year-old arrested near the southwestern city of Bordeaux on July 7 was described by prosecutors as “one of the 10 most-wanted targets” of authorities fighting child sex crimes around the globe.

Bordeaux prosecutor Frederique Porterie said the suspect also appeared to have taken “an active role in the production of child pornography pictures and videos.”

After being taken in for questioning, he was also charged with the incestuous rape of a minor as well as incestuous sexual assault of a 15-year-old, Porterie said.

The suspect admitted the charges against him, she added.

French police and investigators from its specialised anti-violence agency worked alongside the EU’s Europol police agency.

Sadly, we know all too well, that there will be somebody waiting in the wings to take over where this animal left off.

But nevertheless, this is something to celebrate.


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