Sometimes when I find a really, really REALLY powerful video that I know you need to see, I get flustered because I want to convey to you, in this short little “headline,” how important it is that you watch it, but I can’t…there’s just not enough space.

But this video is probably one of the most important videos – given what we’re dealing with in this country right now – that you’ll ever watch and my hope is that when you finish it, you’ll have that same urgent desire to share it as I did, so as many people as possible can hear what Mr. Maximo Alvarez has to say.

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I won’t do much of a setup, I. don’t need to, except to say that Mr. Alvarez is a Cuban immigrant and an American success story, and a great supporter of President Trump and he has a beautiful story to tell and a scary warning to give that every American needs to hear.

You can watch the video below:

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If you’ve been moved by Mr. Alvarez’s words and story, I. implore you to share this so others can hear and be moved and also inspired to fight for our great nation.


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