What the heck is going on in Florida?

The Florida Health Department released their number of “daily coronavirus” testing and according to a local Fox affiliate, their numbers are a complete and total incorrect mess.

Let me give you an example of how wildly incorrect these numbers are.

You sitting down?

Let’s look at Orlando Health – that clinic reported that 98% out of 100% of people who came to get tested, tested “positive” for COVID.

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My God, 98%? That’s literally everyone…

Well, not really, folks…Because that number isn’t really 98%, it’s actually 9.4%…

Yes, I said “NINE POINT FOUR.”

Tell me again how this hasn’t turned into a total joke and a massive politically-engineered hoax.

Fox was 35

The Florida Department of Health released its daily coronavirus testing report showing a statewide positivity rate of 11 percent, but FOX 35 News quickly noticed some shocking positivity rates.

Countless labs report 100 percent positivity, which means every single person tested was positive.

FOX 35 sifted through the report to find local testing sites with high numbers, like Centra Care, where the report showed 83 people were tested and all tested positive. The report also showed that the Orlando Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center had a positivity rate of 76 percent. A spokesperson for the VA said officials are looking into the numbers.

NCF Diagnostics has a location in Alachua, which reported 88 percent of tests coming back positive and 98 percent for Orlando Health.

How could that be? We investigated these astronomical numbers, contacting every location mentioned. Orlando Health, the only to answer our question, confirmed errors in the report. Its positivity rate is in fact only 9.4 percent, not 98 percent as in the report.

This whole COVID “Wave 2” BS is a joke. The death rate has gone down and keeps going down, yet Dems and the media are still trying to run with this “panic peddling” again, and really sad that Texas has fallen for it. I really expected more from Abbott. What a disappointment he is.

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The fact of the matter is this – if you took out all the nursing home deaths, you could probably cut the COVID death rate in half. So, I wonder to myself…”Hmmm, why did all of these Dem governors pack vulnerable nursing homes with COVID-sick people?” I mean, seriously…this is a legit question, and of course, the worthless media isn’t asking it.

I’ve gathered some of the online comments about the incorrect Florida COVID numbers and I think you’ll find them rather interesting:

” am not trying to be negative (no pun intended), but the reporting of results is the easiest step in the testing process. This is simply unacceptable. The public already shows a low confidence level in the way this pandemic is being handled, and this isn’t going to help.”

“What’s strange is that it’s unclear why the negative results are not being reported. No reason was given. Are these clinics overwhelmed? We’re not sure…”

“Hospitals get paid for CoronaVirus claims…positive tests are $$ from government”

“I was hearing somewhere that people signed up for tests, waited in line for hours and left without getting tested. They then received positive results for COVID-19.”

“I had this happen to a friend too. They ran out of tests when they finally got to the front of the line. Got a call a few days later that they were positive. Scary world we live in.”

“Okay but 98% and 9.4% is pretty close lol”

“This is happening everywhere. Look at any chart and it only shows cases and positives almost never shows negative tests. And the fine print they don’t mention is PCR tests detect colds and influenza as well.”

God, I hope the majority of the American people see what a farce this is and “get it.”

Make sure you’re out there explaining this to people who may not know or seem confused. That’s a huge thing we can do to fight back–educate with FACTS!


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