Honestly, this cop had the patience of Job.

I don’t understand why people – of all colors, shapes, and sizes – won’t just listen to the police. It would save a lot of time and trouble, and a lot of lives too.

However, now, it seems like some folks are looking to be the next “viral sensation,” and that’s the vibe I get from this guy here who had his camera phone rolling as Virginia police officers tried to get the man out of his car.

Now, I am not sure what he supposedly did, or the reason for the car being pulled over in the first place.

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Even so, it seems to me it would have been a lot easier to just listen to the cops and simply exit the car on your own, but that’s not the route this guy took.

However, the cop, who really did put up with a lot – finally had enough and looked in the camera and told the young man that he was about to get his “a** whooped” in front of “all Lord and creation,” and then he calmly unbuckled his seat belt and yanked him out of the car.

You can watch the video below:

I think these two people here are a perfect example of what’s wrong with the police and the community.

It’s like a “standoff.”

The young guy refuses to listen to people in charge and is more interested in toying with the police and making a “viral” name for himself, and the cop could have been less emotional and maybe tried some psychological tricks on him to coax him out.

I do believe that police should be more “community ambassador” focused, but I also agree, that blatant disrespect from the community is unacceptable.

Parents need to teach their kids how to be better people all around on both sides of the issues.


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