Spy Chief John Ratcliffe just declassified new FBI memos that show Comey’s agents spied on candidate Donald Trump during the summer of 2016.

Comey’s agents were embedded in the meeting and were recording Trump’s answers and actions during the counterintelligence briefings.

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Republicans now say this is proof that Crossfire Hurricane was just an “excuse” to unleash a massive spy ring on Trump.

And Comey kicked it off…who gave him the order?

From Just The News

The new memos released Thursday by Director of National intelligence John Ratcliffe detail the FBI’s conduct during a mid-August 2016 counterintelligence briefing, Trump’s first as the GOP nominee, in which an agent was secretly inserted to gather evidence of later-disproven Russia collusion.

The agent’s post-briefing memo recorded near verbatim the specific questions the future president was asking intelligence officials, even comments Trump made about his youngest son, as well as sizing up national security adviser Michael Flynn’s behavior,

“Trump asked the following question, ‘Joe, are the Russians bad? Because they have more numbers are they worse than the Chinese?'” Agent Joseph Pientka wrote in his summary memo of the briefing with then-candidate Trump. “Writer responded by saying both countries are bad. The numbers of IOs present in the U.S. is not an indicator of the severity of the threat. Writer reminded Trump the Chinese asymmetrical presence in the U.S.”

Republicans expressed outage at the tactic.

“Now it’s clear the FBI was spying directly on Donald Trump as early as August 2016. In fact, it looks like the entire Crossfire Hurricane investigation was just a pretext to open up a massive spying operation on Trump’s campaign,” Rep. Dunes, R-Calif., the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee whose report in 2018 unraveled the false narrative of Trump-Russia collusion.

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These bombshell notes are what the Inspector General was talking about when he said that Comey used the August 2016 briefing as a way of “sizing up” candidate Trump and Flynn in the Russia case and gathering evidence against them.

This is so unbelievable traitorous. It makes Watergate look like a walk in the park, and our media is so dishonest and so politically biased they will never expose the truth.


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