Democrats are running around burning down cities with their COVID masks on, telling all of us we must do everything, from registering to voting by mail.

And while they tell us all this, they also say that there’s nothing to worry about because there’s no such thing as “voter fraud.”

So, I wonder how they’ll explain this one…

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A family in Atlanta received a mail-in voter-registration for their dead cat Cody.

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No, this isn’t satire, sadly, it’s real.

And nevermind that it’s a cat…

And forget that it’s a dead cat…

The icing on the cake is that Cody the cat has been dead for whopping 12-years.

These idiot Democrats will cry for 4-years over 11 Russians passing around a few cruddy Hillary memes, but this type of stuff here is all “meh.”

You can watch the video below:

The Dems are going to keep pushing for “mail-in” everything – the reason why is because of garbage like this…it’s easy to commit fraud. And Dems know the only way to win with an Alzheimer’s patient for a candidate is to cheat.


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