Remember when Chris Cuomo invited his brother on his TV show during the height of the pandemic and they clowned around with a gigantic Q-tip while New Yorkers were dropping like flies, thanks in part to Andrew Cuomo’s “nursing home executions”?

Here’s a picture in case you’ve forgotten:

Instead of talking about the tens of thousands of people that were currently dying because Andrew Cuomo placed sickly COVID-infected people inside vulnerable nursing homes, the two brothers performed like they were a second-rate Vaudville act, yucking it up with zany antics.

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People were so outraged by this behavior that the “Brother Act” was nixed after just a few shows.

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Now, however, Chris Cuomo is absolutely outraged over a picture President Trump took at his Oval Office desk with GOYA food products.

Cuomo, who now suddenly cares deeply about the “pandemic” and has hung up his GIANT Q-tip, cussed out Trump – because how on earth could he have time for this “bullsh*t” during a pandemic???????

Once again…Let me remind you what Mr. Cuomo think of the pandemic and dead New Yorkers:

Cuomo used the opening monologue of his low-rated show to berate Trump and Ivanka for showing a Hispanic-run company that liberals are trying to put out of business, some support.

Cuomo expects everyone to be professional and take this very dire pandemic SERIOUSLY:

You can watch the video below:

Let’s also not forget that Chris Cuomo is the guy who was supposedly infected with COVID, and during his illness ventured out – maskless – to go check out some new property he bought on Martha’s Vineyard and then got into a fight with a local man who was upset that Cuomo was out and about after telling everyone he was sick.

Yes, that’s how “serious” Chris Cuomo takes this “pandemic.” 🙄


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