A newly uncovered video appears to show ANTIFA “CHOP” members in Seattle, cleaning up a crime scene.

Several people were shot and some even killed during the “Summer of Love” in Seattle’s communist “fun-zone.”

MORE NEWS: Report: Turns Out Trump Played Some Serious Behind-The-Scenes “4D Chess” on Seattle’s Mayor Jenny and He Won Big 

So much violence occurred, as a matter of fact, that Seattle’s failed Mayor Jenny was finally forced to shut down the commie hell-hole (with a lot of behind-the-scenes help from Trump).

In the video below, it appears that ANTIFA terrorists are rushing about, picking up spent shell casings, at a crime scene, and saying “leave no evidence” after one of those murders.

Are Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA Marxist movements?

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You can watch the video below:

Do you think police and city officials will see this and hunt down the people in the video who appear to be tampering with evidence in a homicide investigation?

Or instead, will they stand guard at the ‘Black Lives Matter” street mural and arrest anyone who frowns when they look at it?



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