Noose hoax aside, Bubba Wallace is one of the most unlikeable sports figures in sports.

He’s arrogant, entitled, narcissistic, and the epitome of a poor sport.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Bubba Wallace Savagely Booed at Bristol Tennessee NASCAR Race

But did you happen to catch the interview after the race?

What a doozy this was…Diva Bubba spent half the time primping and worrying about his hair and the other half of the time mocking driver Michael McDowell’s Christianity.

It all happened when McDowell crashed Bubba out of the All-Star Race qualifier — not exactly a difficult feat since Bubba Wallace is a terrible driver.

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However, Bubba, who is a well-known poor sport, was so angered by the crash that he took his dented up front bumper and left it in front of McDowell’s garage.

From Yahoo News

Michael McDowell is going to raise some money for charity with the gift that Bubba Wallace gave him.

McDowell crashed Wallace out of Wednesday night’s All-Star Race qualifier. A frustrated Wallace then left the front bumper of his car at McDowell’s team hauler.

Friday, McDowell’s team announced that the bumper would be auctioned off to benefit Motor Racing Outreach, a charitable organization that serves those in the NASCAR garage on race weekends.

“Everyone has an opinion of what happened,” McDowell said in the release announcing the auction. “I have my side of things, Bubba has his and all of the fans have theirs, too. It’s one of the reasons NASCAR wanted to go to Bristol for the All-Star race. We created the excitement and now fans can make a difference and own a piece of history.”

But that wasn’t the worst of it…It was the interview after the incident happened where Bubba showed his nastiest true colors.

During an interview with NASCAR, Bubba Wallace fussed over his hair like a total diva, and then went after McDowell, bashing his “Christian faith,” by saying, “I can’t wait for the ‘God-fearing’ text he’s gonna send me about preaching, praise, and respect…what a joke he is…”

You can watch the video below:

I’m glad he got booed at Bristol Motor Speedway – it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving jerk.

Bubba Wallace really is the perfect example of a far-left radical…fake “race” hoaxes, uber entitlement and arrogance, social justice warrior, and hates Christianity.

What is he even doing in NASCAR? I feel like this guy is a liberal plant.

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