Well, it’s official…NASCAR fans really don’t like hoax artist Bubba Wallace…and can you blame them?

Bubba turned NASCAR into a circus after he falsely claimed that a “noose” was placed in his garage after the George Floyd killing.

The accusation made it seem as if some “backwoods country jerk” fan of NASCAR snuck into the garage and hung a noose. It was so insulting and belittling to fans…and if that was not bad enough, Bubba then went on ABC’s “The View” and said anyone who questioned his story was “small-minded.”

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And then, he gleefully got into a Twitter spat with Trump, who told him he should apologize to the fans – something he never bothered to do.

So, it’s no wonder that on Wednesday at the Bristol Motor Speedway Bubba was savagely booed when his car was announced.

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But don’t worry Bubba, the crowd did cheer for you….when you crashed your car. 🤣

“Bubba Wallace was also booed when he was introduced, and many cheered when he crashed….”

You can watch the video below:

Bubba doesn’t understand the NASCAR fanbase. He doesn’t care to understand them. He’s a self-centered, narcissistic jerk.

Stick a fork in Bubba, because he’s done.


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