How many times have you heard that if a wild animal is chasing you, like a bear, you don’t run and just “play dead.”

It’s so scary to just stop and put yourself in the line of “fire” so to speak, but after watching this video, I realize that those experts were 100% correct.

Here’s what happened:

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A group of people was enjoying a trip to Yellowstone when all of a sudden a bison got spooked and pissed and started charging.

The bison was closing in on a woman and as she was running – so close to being trampled – the crowd around her started screaming “PLAY DEAD, PLAY DEAD” and the woman immediately dropped to the ground and played dead.

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And it worked like a charm.

The Bison stopped immediately and kinda hovered over the woman, sniffing her a bit (Joe Biden, is that you?) and then took off.

You can watch the video below:

People need to b smarter than this. These are wild animals. Just because they’re at Yellowstone doesn’t mean they’re domesticated. You can’t just roam on the prairie with them and expect to be safe.


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