Undercover FBI operative Williams Douglas Campbell knows all about Russia’s ambitions to make the U.S. dependent on Moscow’s uranium. After all, that was what his entire career was based on.

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And he’s now revealing what he saw Obama and Biden do first hand and how “disturbed” he was to witness the type of “dals” that Obama made with a certain Russian nuclear firm that was involved in some very shady deals and activities.

He spoke with award-winning investigative reporter Jon Solomon and shared with him how he believes that Obama and Biden “sold out” America.

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“They were extorting, they were money laundering and they were violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act while the United States government was allowing them to go ahead and sign large United States energy contracts for delivery of Russian uranium into the United States to large utility entities,” Campbell said during an interview Tuesday on the John Solomon Reports podcast.

During the interview Campbell also noted that the Russians boasted of their influence and of American weakness.

“The Russians bragged about the influence, they bragged about the Clinton influence, they bragged about the weakness of this country, they bragged about the weakness of our president and referred to him twice with racial epithets, which were very troubling to me,” he said, recalling a fall 2010 meeting with key Russian figures in the Washington DC area.

Campbell worked undercover for nearly seven years helping the FBI build a case that executives tied to Russia’s Rosatom nuclear firm were engaged in wrongdoing. His work helped secure at least four convictions of players in the scheme.

He later emerged as a witness of interest to congressional committees investigating why the Obama administration provided billions of dollars in nuclear fuel contracts and U.S uranium assets to Rosatom between 2009 and 2014 when officials were warned the company’s executives were engaged in malfeasance.

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This all makes sense when you factor in Hillary Clinton’s “Uranium One” scandal, as well, doesn’t it? If you’re not familiar with that scandal (it’s hard to keep track of all of Hillary’s wrongdoings) here’s a recap:

The deal in question involves the sale of a Canadian company, Uranium One, with mining interests in the U.S. to Rosatom, Russia’s nuclear energy agency. The sale occurred in stages, beginning in 2009 when Rosatom purchased a minority stake in Uranium One, and continued in 2010, when the Russian agency took ownership of a 51 percent share of the company. In 2013, a third transaction gave Rosatom full ownership of Uranium One.

Controversy surrounding the deal largely pertains to 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who was secretary of state in 2010 when the State Department signed off on Rosatom’s purchase of Uranium One. Several of Uranium One’s owners were also donors to the Clinton Foundation, giving $145 million to the charitable foundation, and critics have alleged that Clinton greenlighted the sale to appease donors to her family’s charity.

Connections between Clinton Foundation donors and Uranium One were first published in 2015 by The New York Times, which based its reporting in part on the book “Clinton Cash,” by Breitbart News senior editor-at-large Peter Schweizer.

The allegations resurfaced last October, when The Hill reported that the FBI was investigating Kremlin “bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering designed to grow Vladimir Putin’s atomic energy business inside the United States.”

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An interesting fact to note – former AG Sessions had announced in November 2017 he was going to look into appointing a special counsel to look into the sale, but as with most things “Republican,” nothing ever came of it.

The only reason Democrats get away with so much is that Republicans allow them to.



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