In life, it really doesn’t pay to be a Trump Hater…because at some point the fates catch up to you, and you get dealt a hefty blow by Karama and/or the #TrumpCurse.

We’ve seen it happen to so many people lately, the biggest recent names are Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen Degeneres, both of whom are fighting like hell to keep their sinking brands afloat.

Kimmel was walloped by a slew of racist and sexist videos after he spent the last 4 years calling Trump a bigot and attacking him for how badly he supposedly treats women.

Then Ellen, the so-called “happy-go-lucky” talk show host who is just bursting with love and positive energy was just outed as a mean, hateful, rude woman who treats her employees like garbage and also fostered a “racist” environment on the set of her show.

This is the same woman who declared “evil Trump” would never be invited to appear on her “happy” show.

Ironic, right?

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Now, another Hollywood Trump hater is getting walloped by Karma.

This time it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has accused President Trump of “gerrymandering,” declared he won’t vote for him in 2020, and also claimed that Trump is jealous of him and secretly “in love with him,” and  “wants to be him.”

Well, gee, Arnie, I highly doubt that, because Trump likes winners, and after the release of your latest Terminator (flop) movie, you’re anything but a “winner.”

You’re actually a big fat loser.

Schwarzenegger’s new Terminator movie was such an abysmal flop that critics are now writing off the series and Arnie from the entire Hollywood landscape.


From Hollywood In Toto

Reporters have spent days detailing why “Terminator: Dark Fate” became the year’s most embarrassing flop.

The movie made just $29 million stateside, and its foreign box office totals are equally weak ($94 million and counting). That’s no way for a franchise reboot to perform. Most observers are writing the saga’s obituary.

Those reporters nailed some of the core reasons for its box office woes, from franchise fatigue to recycled story beats. Most missed another crucial factor.

The sad decline of Arnold Schwarzenegger, A-list movie star.

Yes, once upon a time Ah-nold ruled Hollywood, cranking out hit after hit despite his limited acting chops. Today? He’s an anchor in the worst of ways, a drag on any project hoping to crack the critical $100 million box office mark.

He still could leverage his waning star power for direct-to-video glory a la Nicolas Cage and Bruce Willis. Otherwise, studios should be wary.

How did we get here? There’s no one answer …

The actor famously hung up his SAG card and ran for governor of Kah-lee-forn-ya in 2003. And he won via a special recall election.

His stunning victory added another chapter to his immigrant success story. Sure, his film career had cooled by then, but his political segue made making more movies impossible.

In Hollywood, taking any kind of sabbatical can be brutal to one’s career. Just ask Renee Zellweger, the Oscar winner who struggled to reclaim her film traction following a five-year hiatus.

The Report Card … Wasn’t Good
Schwarzenegger shocked the political landscape by becoming governor without any previous political experience (sound familiar?). He even won re-election with more than 1 million votes. Still, he left office with a brutal 23 percent approval rating within the state.

Everyone loves a winner. The actor turned Governator emerged from his political life with a slate gray cloud over his head … and brand.

What this liberal-written article misses is that Schwarzenegger became a Trump-hater and in doing so, he alienated the major base of people who would usually flock to see his movies – white guys.

These Hollywood stars don’t understand that the American public holds a grudge. Why should we spend our good, hard-earned money to go see a movie of an actor who thinks the president we support is a “monster?”

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Sorry, but we have better things to do than pay people to hate on us…and while Hollywood won’t admit this, you can see it in the sagging box office numbers and the historically low-ratings on all of these award shows and late-night and daytime talk shows.

America does not like any “political” Hollywood hypocrites.



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