The medical mask controversy has reached a fever pitch. It’s basically down party lines for the most part, with the left pushing hard for mandatory masks and the right is pushing back claiming it should be a personal choice.

The mask information has been completely off the rails since the beginning, with our so-called experts flip-flopping all over the place.

Not that long ago, Fauci and our own Surgeon General were telling us not to wear masks. Fauci said they don’t really help and are basically just a “security blanket” for nervous nellies.

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You can watch Fauci video below:

But now, suddenly, as we get closer to the election, we all need masks. Many believe this is a ploy to keep the pandemic fear alive and well so Dems can push for “mail-in-ballots” this November. It’s really their only hope for a victory.

Yes, the number of COVID cases are going up – it’s a very contagious virus – we’ll probably all have it at some point. I had it, my mom had it, my daughter had it too. But the good news is the virus has over a 99% recovery rate and over 80% of the people who do catch it, won’t even know they have it.

But the media has done a fine job of making the word “COVID” sound like a death sentence.

It’s not a death sentence…it’s actually the opposite of a “death sentence.”

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If you’re high-risk or vulnerable by all means, take necessary precautions, but to try and protect “everyone” from catching a virus that has little to no impact on nearly everyone that comes in contact with it is absurd. This whole COVID pandemic is basically a big “Deep Fake” at this point.

Now, we even have Republican governors like Greg Abbott of Texas who have caved to the propaganda and issued a state-wide mandatory mask order.

Americans are sick and tired of this overreach and the panic peddling by the media, and one Republican Congressional Rep is taking a stand.

Rep. Anthony Sabatini is a member of the Florida Legislature and an attorney, and he’s offering to represent anyone who is arrested or fined for not wearing a mask, for free.

It’s time for the silent majority to stop being so silent.

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If we don’t stand up and fight, engage, and get our hands dirty in all these battles, by the time we do start paying attention, we won’t have any rights left to fight for.

Don’t b quiet. Call your congressman and senators and spread the truth. Push back against false info with intensity and never relinquish any ground to the mob.

If you give them an inch on anything – I don’t care what it is – they will take 1000 miles.


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