If you’re a skinny white kid in a black hoodie, the burly men living in the suburbs have a message for you – STAY AWAY.

And if you’re still stupid enough to try your luck, you’ll be chased outta dodge like a scared schoolgirl.

That’s precisely what happened to a few Antifa anarchists in Yucaipa, California, who made the big mistake of thinking they could pull their games in the suburbs.

Things didn’t go as they had planned.

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The incident occurred at a gas station in Yucaipa when a group of Antifa anarchists tried to riot.

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It all went south when a large group of local residents (many big, burly men) stepped in and confronted them.

The Antifa beanpoles ended up getting beat up pretty bad and then took off running with their tails between their legs.

You can watch the video below:

It’s one thing to destroy libreal-run cities where officials and police are scared of the progressive mob and allow these lunatics to run wild – it’s quite another to roam into our nation’s suburbs, where hard-working American men and women are armed to the teeth and don’t play the “woke” PC game and will defend what is theirs with everything they have.



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