Attorney General Barr did something quite remarkable.

He took a walk out to the front of the White House and he stood there and looked at the faces of the people who have been attacking the White House night after night.

The dramatic photo shows AG Barr standing stoically, looking at the rioters who have been wreaking havoc on the White House and surrounding areas.

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With his hands stuffed in his pockets, Barr assesses the situation in the light of day, no doubt thinking about his new terror task force that is hunting down ANTIFA terrorists who are unleashing a barrage of attacks on Democrat-run cities across the country.

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Standing between Barr and the rioters is a line of Secret Service police, clad in riot gear.

It’s definitely a photo for the “ages” type moment.

Never before has a president or an attorney general been saddled with such monumental tasks. I wonder if Barr ever had an idea what his second round as “AG” would be like.

Is he ready for the challenges ahead?

If this photo is any indication, yes, he most certainly is ready.


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