American citizens are mad.

We’re not going to be bullied by these young, stupid anarchists who are trying to take over the country.

And you don’t have to be “young” to fight back – although I’m not condoning anyone do what this man did in the video below – but nobody has to be a victim.

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This elderly man is a perfect example of the frustration that most Americans are dealing with right now.

Here’s what happened:

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Someone threw an object at his car and that triggered him. He had enough.

The man promptly turned his car around, jumped out, and confronted the vandalizing culprits  – he even chased them down the street.

The communist vandals are not so tough when they’re confronted – especially by someone wielding a weapon…and speaking of that weapon…

What the heck was that?

You can watch the video below:

If anyone can identify that weapon let us know on social media or the comments below!

Make sure you stay safe out there and whatever you do, don’t place yourselves in harm’s way, but legally arm yourself so if you need to, you can protect yourself, your family, or your home.


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