Thousands and thousands of people converged on downtown Tulsa today to enjoy President Trump’s first rally since the COVID “pandemic.”

Throughout the day people flooded the area and the videos of the lines, and the crowds were amazing.

However, as time grew closer to start filling up the stadium the Black Lives Matter protesters moved in and began blocking the entrances, and causing a massive stir outside.

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Secret Service ordered the outdoor “rally viewing” area to be dismantled to avoid any possible injury if violent leftist protesters unleashed more of their hell and fury on innocent Americans.

However, BLM did succeed in blocking people from getting inside.

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It’s a sad day when the American people are intimidated into silence and can’t gather peaceably because of left-wing communists agitators. We’ve all sat in our homes and watched these loons riot, loot, and burn down cities for 10 days, and when we want to gather, these unwanted, unhappy, unhealthy anti-American hatemongers get bussed in to wreak more havoc and spread more division and hate.

Pray for this country – we have strong forces of evil against us.

You can watch the videos below:

They want to intimidate us, scare us, and make us change our way of life.

Don’t let that happen. Be safe, but be brave. Don’t allow these communist terrorists to change who we are.


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