When Joe Biden said, “They want to put ya’ll back in chains” was he talking about his family tree? Because according to census and “slave trade” information online, Joe Biden’s reported family members to appear to be knee-deep in the evils of slavery.

With all the talk about racism and oppression, I decided to research Joe Biden’s family.

I looked online for Joe Biden’s relatives.

I found a list of them here at wargs.com.

I used this “family tree” information on this site to do my research.

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The site notes the following:

The following material on the immediate ancestry of Joe Biden should not be considered either exhaustive or definitive, but rather as a first draft.

Robert Battle contributed the original version of this report. Additions and corrections have been provided by Julie Helen Otto, Marie Daly, Christopher Challender Child, P. J. Evans, Michael Hurdle, and Patrick Hanafee.

I went through and researched many of his relatives listed. I can tell you that several of the people named on the “Biden Family Tree” website appear to have been slave owners. But one, in particular, stood out to me because I could verify him using the same time-frame, name, and location.

Mr. Thomnas L. Randel

Here is a screenshot from Wargs.com of Mr. Randel’s name.

Mr. Randel is listed on the site as Joe Biden’s Great Great Great Grandfather.

I then went on FamilySearch.org (it’s free to sign up) found a man with the same name, same time-frame as listed on Wargs.com, who was a slave owner:

According to the census a “Thomas H Randel” owned a 14-year-old male in 1850 in Baltimore County.

This is the actual photo of the census:

Actual Census for Thomas H Randale

This is the census screenshot from familySearch.org

Census Baltimore County/Thomas Randel

I just did a very quick search, I don’t have a lot of resources for “investigative” reporting at my fingertips like many of you out there do.

My hope is that this will at least start some people researching and seeing what they can come up with, or perhaps expand on my limited research here.

Again, I am presenting this information based on what I’ve been able to access online.

Clearly, from what I have gathered here, and based on what resources I have, it would APPEAR that a man with the exact same name, age, location as Joe Biden’s reported Great Great Great Grandfather was a slave owner.

And if the Wargs.com ancestry is accurate, many others on that list should be researched as well by someone with more resources.

A couple of names that you might want to start with:

  • Jesse Robinette
  • William Pumphrey
  • Joseph Robinette
  • John Little


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