Across the country, we watched as many Target stores were looted and vandalized.

You may not have realized it, but Target was “targeted.”

Apparently, Target has a history of supporting local police.

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That’s why they were targeted – and that is even further proof at how coordinated and organized these riots were – right from the start.

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Leaders of these riots directed their people to make sure that Target was the focus in several cities.

Because let’s face it, the average person wouldn’t know this.

I didn’t know it, did you?

From Hotair 

One question that arose during the non-stop weekend coverage of the chaos and mayhem created by rioters and looters was why are they focusing on Target stores? It’s not just happening in Minneapolis, the city of the company’s headquarters, but in other cities, too. There may be a reason – there’s a history here.

Adweek has an interesting piece on why Target is being, well, targeted by the anarchists and thieves who are looting stores in the chain. It’s not a random choice. A young woman aired grievances via a Twitter thread explaining the corporation’s history of supporting and funding local police. I would post that Twitter thread but her account is protected now – not available to be seen by the public. I assume she started receiving blowback and didn’t want the negative attention.

Minneapolis is the epicenter of Target branding. Target’s Bull Terrier mascot is seen when the Twins make a home run at Target Field. Target Center is the home of the Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Lynx. Target also has a history of supporting the Minneapolis Police Department. That makes the corporation an enemy in the eyes of the rioters.

In 2004, Target donated $300,000 to the city’s police department to set up surveillance cameras throughout downtown Minneapolis—reportedly covering a roughly 40-block radius—as part of its SafeZone Collaborative program. It later evolved into a nonprofit called the Downtown Improvement District, and while it no longer relies on Target’s donations, Target still supports and hosts initiatives with police (like its decade-long Heroes and Helpers program). In 2011, Target established a forensics crime lab at its campus in Brooklyn Park, Minn., which creates high-resolution images from surveillance data collected by cameras. Minneapolis police told MPR News in 2011 that they don’t use Target’s forensic services often, but they sometimes do (free of charge).

Hopefully, the authorities can piece together this elaborate puzzle and find out who the people are that coordinated this.

If it were me, I’d start with Mr. George Soros and go from there.


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