The “Clinton Body Count” is an urban legend where people claim that the Clintons have their enemies or associates who “know too much” murdered, but they make it look like a suicide.

The term comes from a rather long list of friends, enemies, and associates of the Clintons who have been found dead from “apparent suicide.”

If you go on Twitter the hashtag #ClintonBodyCount is very active and filled with all sorts of juicy tidbits and theories.

While the #ClintonBodyCount is mostly a funny joke, like with all “jokes” there’s truth in it…why do so many of Clintons “associates” die?

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That’s a question we may never have an official answer to – which is why the urban legend lives on.

And disgraced liar Susan Rice found that out the hard (and comical) way when she published a tweet with the Suicide Hotline phone number.

The temptation was just too much for some, and they took some hilarious jabs at Rice since she’s definitely an “associate” of the Clintons:

“Is that Clinton’s personal cell?”

“Uh oh, are you on Clinton’s radar?”

“Good to keep an eye on your friends Susan”

“Kinda late now. Everyone that could have testified against the Clintons are gone now.”

“Is that for All of the Clinton buddies too? Asking for a friend…”

“Glad to see you have the number handy.”

“Who has Hillary got in her sights now.”

“Plans? Is the grim reaper Killary visiting??”

“Operators are standing by.”

I’m told that Rice was posting the number for all the depressed people who can’t take it anymore after Democrats have locked them down and destroyed their lives and businesses.


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