Millennials and Generation Z are some of the most entitled, insecure brats you’ll ever come across.

And I’m sorry if you’re a millennial or a zoomer, and I realize not every single person fits my description – but A TON OF YOU DO.

The girl in this video is a perfect example.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Anarchist Has Small Scratch on His Leg, Cries and Screams While a Tourniquet is Applied Even Though He’s Not Bleeding

She thinks her screwed up, distorted, and incorrect “righteous indignation” gives her the OKAY to scream and yell and impose her opinion on others.

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Even police officers.

During a riot.

When tempers and nerves are frayed.

What an idiot this child is…

So, you know what they say…play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

And one of those “prizes” was a face full of mace.

You can watch the video below:

My favorite part of his video – besides her scream – is how the cop maces her without even taking his one hand off his belt!

It’s about time these entitled brats realize that the world doesn’t revolve around them or their twisted and warped communist views.


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