Rick Wilson is a #NeverTrump goon. In case you don’t recall who he is, because he’s very unforgettable, he’s the guy who laughed and laughed with Don Lemon on CNN, making fun of Trump supporters and undereducated toothless hillbillies.

Here’s that video:

This is the same guy who also said that Trump supporters weren’t “sophisticated enough” to understand how “walls work.”

From Real Clear Politics

Republican commentator Rick Wilson ripped Trump supporters as “not sophisticated” people that are bright enough to understand the complexities of a border wall in a Friday night appearance on CNN.

“Walls fail,” Wilson said. “Walls are not a functional means of defense. You know why the U.S. military doesn’t build walls? Because we recognized years ago that any time you build a wall around yourself you are inviting attack, you’re inviting subversion, you’re inviting something to go around or under or through or over. So the idea of a physical wall, Donald Trump loves selling this to his base and, again, these are people who are not sophisticated, they are not bright, they don’t understand the complexities and realities of this.”

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Wilson also called Trump supporters “toothless hillbillies”

You can watch that video below:


Well, it turns out the guy who was making fun of “toothless hillbilly” Trump supporters is a loser in piles of debt, a $400K dollar federal tax lien, foreclosures, credit card debt and lawsuits.

He’s also a fraud.

Yes, just like a typical “liberal” (which is exactly what Wilson is), he is actually everything bad that he accuses other people of being.

From Breitbart 

Wilson appears to have begun experiencing financial difficulties. In July 2007, he and his wife took out a $200,000 mortgage from JP Morgan Chase on their Tallahassee home. Less than a year later, in April 2008, JP Morgan attempted to foreclose on that mortgage, a legal action usually taken when the borrower stops making payments on the loan. It is unclear if that was the reason for JP Morgan’s action.

The case was voluntarily dismissed in October 2008 by JP Morgan.

Wilson is one of the people who’s demanding to see President Trump’s taxes – meanwhile, he has a $400K lien. These people are insufferable hypocrites and monsters.

Conservatives on Twitter went after Wilson and pointed out his debt, fraud, and tax liens for the whole world to see:

“And here’s the time @AskAmex sued you for $26k. But please tell us how immoral the Republican Party is. #fraud.”

“And those foreclosure filings (yes, there are two)? Here’s the most recent one.”

“Hypocrite Rick attacking someone over taxes is hysterical. Here’s your $400k federal tax lien. Pay up, bud.”

“Who funds your mortgage foreclosures, bank garnishments, five-figure credit card debt lawsuits, six-figure IRS tax liens, and “The South Will Rise Again” coolers? You’re somehow even worse at paying bills than you are at politics.”

This financial mess and failure couldn’t happen to a more heartless and deserving person.


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