Do you remember the story I told you last week about a town in Minnesota that was filled with mainly white liberal women who vowed to stop calling the cops?

Their goal is to protect criminals who are “oppressed” from the police because it’s not their fault that they commit crimes…they’re just “oppressed.”

However, since they made that pledge, the town has been overrun by homeless people, and crime is soaring. People are being carjacked and homes are being robbed.

But the liberal townspeople refuse to call the cops because they don’t want to get a criminal killed by police.

You can’t even believe grown adults could be this stupid and irresponsible, but they are.

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The irresponsibility of these adults is so egregious, as a matter of fact, that it got a child sexually assaulted at the local park — a park that that went from a peaceful and tranquil place for families tto a drug-infested homeless “tent city.”

From CBS Local 

A juvenile has been sexually assaulted at a Minneapolis homeless encampment.

A Park and Recreation Board spokeswoman told a Minneapolis-based newspaper the assault happened at one of the encampments in south Minneapolis’ Powderhorn Park neighborhood.

The people who took the victim to the hospital did not call police. Staff at Abbott Northwestern Hospital called park police early Friday. Park police are investigating but have made no arrests.

Tents started appearing in the park earlier this month. Some people started migrating to the park after they were evicted from a makeshift shelter inside a Minneapolis hotel several blocks away. At least 200 tents were recently pitched there.

These parents and adults should be ashamed of themselves for allowing their twisted need to be “social justice warriors” to overpower their responsibility to be decent parents and townspeople that protect children, not endanger them.

Liberalism is a very dangerous mental disorder.


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