A Minnesota town comprised of mainly white liberal women vowed to go “cop-free.”

Sounds very progressive and “woke,” right?

Yep, and now that they’ve nixed the police the town is swarming with crime and homeless camps.

Ha ha ha ha!

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But the best part about it is how the liberal townspeople are trying to ignore all the crime so criminals won’t be “offend.” They’re also working hard not to endanger the carjackers who are robbing them at gunpoint and stealing their cars.

One guy, who almost had his car stolen called 911, but he regrets that move now, saying, “I would have lost my car, so what? At least nobody would have been hurt or killed.”

I can’t believe there are functioning adults who are this damn stupid.

Moms can no longer take their kids to the park because it’s so dangerous, and overrun with drug-using vagabonds, but this is the “sacrifice” they’re willing to make to save the lives of criminals and “check” their white privilege.

These people are sick in the head.

From Daily Wire

The New York Times reports that Powderhorn Park residents — mostly left-leaning white women — were instrumental in declaring their town a “safe zone” for the underprivileged and pressing the town’s residents to agree to a pact not to call the police or other public safety resources if they felt threatened. After all, their opposition to crimes, including property damage and theft, was born of white privilege.

“In light of Floyd’s police-involved death,” the New York Post added, “residents there have vowed to avoid calling the cops, feeling that doing so could put people of color in danger. But now with hundreds of outsiders flooding the park — drawing in more car traffic, including drug dealers, and resulting in at least two overdoses — the neighbors are facing a moral dilemma.”

In preparation for the project, the women “promised to ignore any property damage, including to their own homes, and filed for a block party permit to limit cars in the neighborhood,” the Post continues. Instead, the women agreed to call a community service organization, the American Indian Movement, to handle incidents of violence or potential violence, and to help constructively quell concerns of mental illness and drug use.

Now, though, some of those same women are trying to come to terms with what’s happened to Powderhorn Park.

“I’m not being judgmental,” one resident, who will no longer allow her children to play in the park-turned-encampment told the NYT. “It’s not personal. It’s just not safe.”

Another resident was forced to confront his own white privilege when he called the cops on teenage boys who tried to rob him of his car at gunpoint. After accidentally giving them house keys, they abandoned their attempt and stole a different neighbors car. He ended up dialing 911 — a move he now regrets because it was just “instinct,” and it likely put the would-be carjackers in danger.

The white liberals say they feel bad for the criminals because this is just part of the “oppression” that they have to face every day and all this crime actually isn’t their fault.

“It’s okay if you kill and rape me, as long as you don’t feel oppressed while you’re doing it…”

Imagine being this out of your mind? Liberalism really is a mental disorder and there’s no cure. These people are doomed.


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